The story about the Social-Cookbook dates back to 1999 and is more of a personal journey for me. As it turns out the first website I built was a pretty simple site called "Evan's Recipe Page".

It was built to give a central place for my family to store all the family recipes we had accumulated throughout the years. Given my modest beginnings as a web coder, I didn't have any fancy programs so I used what I had. I built my graphics in Word Art. I hand coded the entire site in notepad using the help of a large manual on HTML. I even had it hosted on a free hosting service called Geocities. It is that old site, that made me fall in love with web development. We all have to start somewhere, and that Recipe Page was where I fell in love with web development.

Fast forward to 2015.. I found myself in a situation where I was learning some new programming languages and thought about building something new. Because of that old site, the idea of building a modern social recipe site came to mind. I ended up calling it the Social-Cookbook.

I don't know about yours, but my family all really love to cook. Whenever any one of those recipes were required, we went back to the local version of the old site and printed up the recipes that I had posted many years ago. The Social-Cookbook will be our new recipe destination, and I hope it now becomes yours. This site will be launching in beta, as of August of 2015. Please feel free to reach out if you think I should change anything or if the site can be improved.

I built this site to be usable for everyone who has the need to save and share their recipes. Create a family recipe group and have fun! I have posted some of our recipes on my profile, and it is my hope that you guys post yours. This is not a site just for professional recipe conglomerations, this is a site for you to use when you need to save and share your recipes with those closest to you.

Thanks again for your interest in! Enjoy the site, and the great meals that follow! Last of all, have fun!

Evan Kanter
Founder and Developer